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  1. Enigma66
    "She is fantabolous"
    Pros - Looks, brains, body, personality and superb skills
    I had the pleasure of calling on Luana during her Visit to Miami. She is the girl on the photos except that she is better in person. Luana has flawless soft skin and is sexy as all get up.
    This girl has a terrific personality, is smart and can hold a conversation about just any topic and an ass to kill for. Her oral skills have been honed to perfection and she can put a strangle hold on your dick with her Sphincter
    muscle to help you get to where you want to go.
    My only regret it that she lives in Fort Myers and I would have to go there to see her again. . . . . .I am thinking about it. DO NOT MISS this one, she is a keeper.